About us

The soul of stones in the land of stones

Ferrario Stones is founded from almost thirty years of experience by its owner, Mr. Alessandro Ferrario who in addition, to devoting himself to the exploitation of the quarries, the working process and marketing of Barge Quartzite. With the expertise at hand, he has long expanded his market horizons as an importer and exporter of natural stones from Brazil, China and India.

He had understood the potential without ever losing sight of its link to the territory with the interest in spreading forward onto the home and international markets, including the precious stone of Luserna.

A focused and selective research, even abroad to find and to offer always the best.

The renewed entrepreneurship has thus created the "Ferrario Stones": a dynamic Company and up to date with time, analysis closer to the market needs, that has as an objective and core business, to offer to its customers, the opportunity to choose from an increasingly wide range of high quality products selected with experience and expertise maintaining deep roots in the territory. The company is aimed primarily towards residential construction, but also to public works, providing stones for all uses, from decorative to functional, being sure to give the customer the best product for their needs, researched with care and dedication each day.